How To Stop My German Shepherd From Barking When Left Alone

How To Stop My German Shepherd From Barking When Left Alone

You may be worried if you leave your pet at home that it might start to bark.

German Shepherds can have a tendency to bark when they are left alone.

If you’re worried about this occurring, here are some steps that you can take to reduce the amount of barking at that your German Shepherd dog does when you leave it at home.


How To Stop My German Shepherd From Barking When Left Alone

Remove Distractions

One reason the dog might bark is that there might be distractions in the home.

For example, you might have your curtains open and the dog may be curious because it sees people walking by or is attracted to the vehicles that are driving through the neighborhood.

You can reduce these distractions by ensuring that the drapes are closed, so the dog doesn’t have as many distractions.

Comfortable Area

Ensure that your dog has its own comfortable area complete with a blanket or another comfort item that your dog likes.  You should ensure that there are toys around the dog, food, water, and other things that your dog enjoys when you’re at home. This will help your pet relax more, and it can reduce issues with barking when you’re gone.

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More Exercise

Your dogs may bark when it’s at home because it’s anxious or simply bored. When you are home and sure that your dog gets plenty of exercises. If you’re away frequently from your pet, spend as much quality time as you can with your animal when you are home. Take your dog out for long walks and spend as much time with your dog as possible. This will help relax your pet so that it’s more comfortable when you were gone. If possible, try to take your dog for a short walk before you go to work and then once you come home, take your pet out for another walk.  Dogs require frequent exercise and when they get adequate exercise, this can help them behave better and it improves their temperament, so barking is less frequent.

Dog Walker

If you will be away from your pet for extended periods or you work long hours, it’s a good idea to hire a dog walker. By hiring a dog walker, your pet will have something to do when you’re not there to look after it. A dog walker can be an excellent way for your pet to get proper exercise, and it will reduce issues with barking when you’re not there. Your pet will be comfortable, get the exercise it needs, and more relaxed.

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If you can’t hire a dog walker, consider interactive toys. There are many toys you can get on the market now that are more interactive with your dog. You could also set up a home monitor and communicate with your dog when you’re not there. This can be an excellent way to keep tabs on your pet while you’re at work.


If your dog continues to bark, consider getting a dog trainer. Your dog may need extra training to reduce issues with barking. If you will be away from your pet for a long period, it might be a good idea for your pet to receive proper training to reduce issues with barking.


Just like humans, a dog does not like to be left alone. With some proper care, you can reduce issues with your dog barking when you are not around. The most important thing to do is to simply give your dog more attention when you are there, which can make your dog feel more relaxed when you have to go to work or away from your pet for an extended period of the day.

How To Stop My Gsd From Barking When Left Alone

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