Red Tri Australian Shepherds: Everything you Need to Know

Red Tri Australian Shepherds

The Australian shepherd of the herding group is an intelligent, affectionate, and loyal dog breed. Furthermore, when it comes to appearance, the AKC recognizes four broad coat colors on this dog. These coat colors are black, blue merle, red and red merle.

Consequently, there are 14 more recognized color combinations under these four broad coat colors, and one of them is the red tri.

Red tri Australian shepherds have a beautiful coat which is despicable from far.

If you have been thinking of owning this dog breed, then you have wandered into the right article that will reveal everything about this playful, hardworking, and awesome man’s greatest friend, the Australian shepherd.

The History Of The Australian Shepherd

Many people are amazed to know that the Australian shepherd is a herding breed from America. But why this name?

Out there, many theories try to explain the origin of this dog breed. However, the most plausible is that this dog breed started with the Basque people who arrived in Australia in the 1800s with their dogs and sheep. Here in Australia, these dogs were bred with other dogs. Later on, the Basque shepherds traveled with these dogs to America in search of greener pastures.

Here in America, most settlers were awed by this dog’s herding attributes – where they later finessed it to get the Australian shepherd dog we have today.

To date, the Australian shepherd is popular because of its herding abilities, more so associated with the cowboy’s lifestyle.

The AKC officially recognized this dog breed in 1991. And in 1993, the Australian shepherd was officially registered under the herding group.

The Physical Attributes Of The Red Tri Australian Shepherd

The red tri Australian shepherd is a medium-large masculine dog breed.  A key trait of this beautiful breed is coat marking. This red tri Australian shepherd has a red and white coat with copper markings. These copper markings feature mostly on the face and legs.

Consequently, this dog has a medium-length double coat. Consisting of a fuzzy and tough outer coat and a soft and woolly inner coat. The outer coat consisting of guard hairs protects the dog against the environmental elements. The inner coat, which is soft and dense, helps to regulate body temperature.

Another feature is the amber-colored eyes.

Red tri male Australian shepherds weigh more and are taller than the females. The males weigh between 50 pounds-65 pounds and measure20-23 inches—whereas adult females weigh between 40-55 pounds and are 18-21 inches tall. 

Red Tri Australian Shepherd Temperaments

The coat color of the red tri Australian shepherd doesn’t affect its personality. Thus, don’t expect any deviations from the temperaments common to other Australian shepherds. One thing is that this dog breed is affectionate and always eager to please.

This dog breed loves lying close to its family members and will be glad when it’s given plenty of tummy rubs.

With its eager to please nature, this dog breed is easy to train simple commands or advanced tricks.

Consequently, its intelligent nature and love to work make it a favorite in the police departments. You will also find red tri Australian shepherds working as hearing aid dogs or sniffer dogs. All we can say is he’s a skillful worker.

Because of its strong herding instinct, this dog breed will love a home where it can herd cattle. This dog works by rounding up the flock by nipping their legs skillfully.

If not well trained, handled, and given a ‘job’ to do, the red tri Australian shepherd can try to herd children or pets in your house.

Like most working dogs, the Red tri Australian shepherd can be standoffish with strangers. However, with a little socialization, this behavior can be eradicated.

The Red tri Australian shepherd can also be territorial, which can lead to aggressiveness.  However, like most behaviors, a bit of training and proper handling will help kill off this behavior.

With its herding abilities, this dog breed likes taking the alpha role. This dog breed will look for ways of becoming the overall pack leader in your house, which can be disastrous if allowed.

Thus, this dog will need a firm handler who will be confident and firm with his instructions. However, it doesn’t entail punishing or scolding your dog when we say you to be firm. Rather, you need to show the dog that you peck the orders in your house.

Otherwise, novice or unsteady owners may find it rough if it’s their first time to live with this dog breed.

Exercising Needs

The red tri Australian shepherd is a high-energy dog breed that requires a spacious yard to exercise its muscles.

It’s in this yard that the Aussie will exercise and burn any excess energy. As you may have noted, this dog is of the working group with a liking to having a job at all times. If it’s not herding the livestock, the red tri Australian shepherd will be glad if it’s taken to swim or given a ball to play with.

If not given a job, the red tri Australian shepherd may become hard to handle. This dog will chew shoes, chase pets, cars, or children. It will do all these antics to burn that pent-up energy in its body.

With that, it will be your responsibility to seclude 1-2 hrs of your day to exercise your dog. Take a walk with your red tri Australian shepherd. You can even go swimming together or give it some interactive toys.

If not around, you can get a pet walker who will help meet your dog’s minutes of exercise per day.

Besides physical activity, don’t forget this dog’s brain—thus, mental stimulation will be paramount.

You can get your Red tri Aussie puzzle toys that will challenge it. The good thing is that these toys are readily available on amazon or nearby pet shops.

Training And Socializing Your Red Tri Australian Shepherd

Training your red tri Australian shepherd will see you get an all-around well-behaved dog. As for how the AKC states it, the best time to start training your puppy is immediately after getting it from a reputable breeder. This is when the puppy is 7-8 weeks.

You can start with simple training sessions, and then you can work your way up as your dog grows.

As an intelligent dog who likes pleasing, expect all obedience training sessions to be smooth on your end. At most, this dog will need a few repetitions for it to grab a concept.

To make your training sessions smooth, adopt positive reinforcement method of training. This entails rewarding your dog whenever it does something you like.

Unlike other training methods, reward-based training has been proven to bear results in a high percentage of dogs. Positive reinforcement has been used by trainers like Dawn Sylvia – Stasiewicz, who trained Obama’s dog, Bo.

Unknown to many, this dog is sensitive to the tone you use. If you are harsh to it, then it might fear you, which may affect how this dog behaves during those training sessions. You can hire a dog trainer if you cannot train the dog yourself, although it can be expensive.

Moreover, you can enroll your dog in an obedience class.

Socializing your red tri Australian shepherd is also crucial. Socialization will see your dog relate with everyone cohesively. Moreover, it’s socialization that will help curb the standoffish behavior present in most Australian shepherd dogs.

To socialize your dog, expose it to lots of pets so that it won’t keep on chasing them every time it interacts with them. Additionally, ensure you’ve exposed this dog breed to lots of sounds and sights.

Also, let the dog become accustomed to being touched on its sensitive parts like nails, nose, and ears.

Such a well-socialized dog won’t go nipping the vet or groomer when it’s being probed in such sensitive parts.

After doing all these, you will have a well-molded dog who will positively interact with everyone and everything around it.

Grooming The Red Tri Australian Shepherd

The red tri Australian shepherd has a double coat that needs to be maintained to look adorable. And this will be your responsibility. First, ensure you have brushed this dog’s coat regularly.   

Daily brushing will prevent fur from flying all over your house and still prevent the formation of mats. To do so, use a slicker brush to brush the dog daily towards where the hair is growing. Such frequent brushing helps control the shedding rate and helps spread natural oils on your dog’s body.

As a moderate shedder, brushing the coat will make the shedding rate minimal.

A bathe will be important, but it needs to be infrequent. Sometimes your dog will roll in the mud, he will try to scavenge the trash bins around, making his coat dirty, and such means you have to bathe him.

Bathing your dog frequently may clear off the normal flora and natural oils, leading to extreme itchy skin.

Besides maintaining its coat, ensure you have trimmed the nails whenever they overgrow. Clean the ears, and brush your dog’s teeth using a brush and toothpaste for dogs.

The Diet

Feed your Aussie according to its age and energy levels. As always, red tri Australian shepherds will need high-quality food per day. The best food for red tri Australian shepherd dogs should have above 22 % of proteins to help maintain lean muscles. Fats, fibers, and carbs should take a lesser porting in the recipe you opt to give your dog.

Consult a veterinary or animal nutritionist if you are unsure of the best recipe to start your dog.

Consequently, the puppies should be fed 3-4 times a day. Afterward, you can reduce the portions while still ensuring they are getting adequate calories daily.

Health Issues Associated With The Red Tri Australian Shepherd

The red tri Australian shepherd is a healthy breed, as they say. However, you will be assured of that if you get your puppy from a reputable breeder. When getting your dog from a breeder, ensure you are shown the health clearance certificates that show this dog is clear of hip and elbow dysplasia, eye defects, or any other hereditary condition.

Don’t buy from an Australian shepherd breeder who hides such information.

Nevertheless, here are the conditions commonly associated with the red tri Australian shepherd. Worth noting, it’s not an outright assurance that your dog will get any or all of these diseases. It’s a list of the conditions you need to be aware of, especially if you plan to own this breed.  

  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • Food allergies
  • Cancer
  • Deafness
  • Progressive retinal atrophy

While still at that, ensure your dog gets immunized and gets dewormed regularly. Not unless you are a breeder, avoid staying with intact puppies, spay or neuter them.

The Life Expectancy Of The Australian Shepherd

The red tri Australian shepherd has a life expectancy of 12-15 years. However, all that is dependent on the care you give this dog breed. The better it is, the longer your dog will live.

Meanwhile, underfeeding or not giving it premium care will see this dog not reach its prime.

Where To Get A Red Tri Australian Shepherd Puppy

A breeder

You can talk to the local Kennel Club, where they will connect you with a legit Australian shepherd breeder. A trustworthy breeder will try as much to find a dog that fits your description. Moreover, a legit breeder rarely has puppies at a discount. Also, a legit breeder will be ready to show you the pups’ parents. Also, the breeder will be ready to reveal all health clearance certificates of the puppy and its parents.

Rescue center

Here in rescue centers, you can find a red tri Australian shepherd at a much lower price.

Frequently asked questions

Do Red Tri Australian Shepherds Shed?

The red tri Australian shepherd is a moderate shedder. Like most double-coated dog breeds, this dog breed sheds more in certain seasons. It’s during these seasons you can brush your dog’s coat frequently.

What Is The Most Popular Australian Shepherd Color?

As earlier discussed, the AKC recognizes four major coat markings on the Australian shepherd. Among the four, Blue merle is the most popular Australian shepherd coat color.

What Do I Need To Know Before Getting An Australian Shepherd?

Ready to own an Australian shepherd puppy? Here is what you ought to know

  • The Aussie is an energetic dog breed that will need plenty of exercise sessions.
  • This dog breed is intelligent
  • This dog breed loves staying close to human beings
  • The Aussie doesn’t bark a lot
  • The Australian shepherd will need a healthy diet
  • The Aussie will need to be groomed regularly
  • Be ready to socialize and train your Australian shepherd puppy

Do Aussies Have A Favorite Person?

Aussies may have a favorite person. This person may be the one who grooms it, feeds, and exercises the dog a lot.

Red Merle Vs Red Tri Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds with the merle gene are not hard to find. This merle gene is often dominant and can be passed from generation to generation, more so if the parents are carriers of this gene.

Red merle Australian shepherds have red patches or spots on a silver background. However, note this, when we say red, it’s not like the one you see on the stop sign on the traffic lights. This color can range from light cinnamon to dark liver.

For the red tri Australian shepherd it has a red and white coat with copper marks.

How Much Is A Red Tri Australian Shepherd

The red tri Australian shepherd puppy can cost 600-1800 dollars. The breeder’s preference location can determine the price of this dog.

As always, ensure you get your dog from a legit and responsible breeder. And at all cost, don’t get from a breeder who always has pups on discounts as they tend to have defects.

Also, don’t get your Aussie puppy from puppy mills or farms.  Puppies here are malnourished and unhealthy.

Pros Of The Red Tri Australian Shepherd

  • Intelligent and easy to train
  • Easy with children
  • Energetic and playful
  • Protective of its handlers
  • Prone to less hereditary disorders


  • Expensive dog breed
  • Not good for people allergic to dog’s hair

The red tri Australian shepherd summary table

Dog breedRed tri Australian shepherd
Date of recognition by AKC1991
AKC groupherding
TemperamentsSmart, work-oriented, and loyal
Coat typeDouble of medium length
Shedding levelshigh
Grooming needsModerate to high
dietPuppies – feed them 3-4 times a day & Adults – feed them 2 times a day
Health issuesCancer, elbow dysplasia, eye problems, skin issues
Relation with childrenPerfect
Life expectancy12-15 years
cost600-1800 dollars

Final Thoughts

If you were planning to own the red tri Australian shepherd, we know by now you are well informed up to this point. If you have been looking for a loyal canine companion who will double up as a running partner, you won’t have made a mistake when you opt to adopt this dog breed.

However, a couple of things are needed from you to ensure you spend a lifetime with your dog. Ensure you reciprocate the same loyalty this dog breed gives you. Afterward, give your dog high-quality dog food. Be ready to groom this dog breed.  And vet visits for routine health checkups every 6 months will be crucial. Since this dog is not a couch potato, you should ensure you have exercised it daily.

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