All You Need to Know about the Samoyed German Shepherd Mix

Samoyed German Shepherd Mix

Though rare, the Samoyed German shepherd mix is a breed mix famous for its intelligence, friendly nature, and glamorous coat caps the beauty of this dog.

As from the name, this breed mix results after breeding a German shepherd with a Samoyed.

The parents of this dog breed are masculine and have high energy levels, and such attributes trickle down to this breed mix.

Also, be wary; this breed mix will shed. And a lot. However, if groomed, the Samoyed German shepherd mix will be irresistible to look at or hug.

Remember, give this dog breed the attention and affection it deserves, and you will get it back in folds.

Much enthusiastic about learning more about this breed? Then continue reading to learn more.

The Samoyed German shepherd Mix

To help you get a clear picture of the temperaments, size, and all regarding this dog breed mix, it’s essential to look at some vital statistics about its parents.

Know all about the German shepherd breed

Ranked as the second most popular dog in the USA, if not worldwide, the German shepherd is famed for its intelligence, agility, and high energy levels.

This dog’s attributes has seen it become one of the favourite in the army or police departments. If not guarding or leading the blind, this dog will be glad to play fetch with you or become your perfect jogging companion.

This dog is always aloof from strangers or strange environments, making it a perfect guard dog.

As a high-energy dog, the German shepherd requires a minimum of 45 minutes of play daily. If not jogging with you, this dog will be glad if it accesses a large backyard space where it can flex its muscles.

Also, the German shepherd dislikes being alone; its love for company is unmatched. Leaving the German shepherd alone for a long period can predispose it to separation anxiety.

Dogs with separation anxiety will try to look for ways to burn all pent-up energy they have. Nevertheless, the German shepherd is an awesome breed if its needs are all met.

Know All About the Samoyed Dog Breed

The Samoyed is a medium-sized dog breed with Nordic heritage. This dog is attractive, intelligent, and most of all loyal. One of the striking features of the Samoyed is its white coat. The outer coat is straight, while the inner coat is wooly.

However, the attractive nature of the Samoyed can only be enhanced if you groom its coats and take care of its general wellbeing.

Another distinguishing feature of the Samoyed is the curled carried over plumed tail.

Away from that, the Samoyed has earned the nicknames the ‘sammie smile’ and ‘smiley dog’ because of its happy, sweet expression displayed on its face.

The happy expression shows what’s inside this dog. The reason being the Samoyed is a friendly, loyal and social dog. However, its friendly nature makes the Samoyed not suitable as a guard dog.

Given attention, the Samoyed is an awesome family pet. Also, this dog will need lots of exercise and training. You need to avail a big space in your yard where it can romp and play around.

Highlight the Samoyed is susceptible to a couple of diseases

Here is a highlight of them.

  • Glaucoma
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Samoyed Hereditary glomerulopathy

The German shepherd And the Samoyed in a Glance

  German shepherd Samoyed
AKC Rank 2 59
Group Working Working
Origin Germany Northwest Russia & western Siberia
Other names Alsatian wolf dog, Deutscher Schaferhund Sobaka, samoiedskaya
size 22 inches to 26 inches 19 inches-23.5 inches
weight 50-70 pounds 35-65 pounds
Temperaments Alert, intelligent and active Active, friendly, and loyal
Coat type Dense double coat Dense double coat
Coat color Black and tan White, white, and biscuit
Grooming needs high high
Barking moderate low
Relation with children Perfect perfect
Exercise needs High high
Life span 9-13 years 12-14 years

The Size and Appearance of the Samoyed German shepherd Mix

The weight, length, and appearance of the Samoyed German shepherd mix depend on its parents’ genes.

The German shepherd has a length of between 22-26 inches, whereas the Samoyed’s is 19-23.5 inches. With that, you should expect a dog breed mix with a length of between 19-26 inches.

Also, the weight will depend on the parent of this breed mix. So with the GSD’s weight range of 50-70 pounds and Samoyeds weight ranging from 35 to 65 pounds, you will utmost get a dog weighing between either 35-70 inches.

Overall, the Samoyed German shepherd mix is masculine, heavily boned, and medium-sized like its parents.

The dense double coat is one of the eye-catching features present in this breed mix. The outer coat has tough guard hairs, whereas the inner coat is always silky and soft.

Coat color will vary. However, most Samoyed German shepherd mixes have a white outer and inner coat accompanied with some German shepherd black patches on its body.

This dog’s head is broad, dignified, with sharp and erect ears that express an alert dog ready for any task. The tail is often furry and often curls back like the Samoyed’s.

The Temperaments of the Samoyed German shepherd Mix

Like the appearance of this dog, the parents of the Samoyed German shepherd mix will determine its temperaments and personalities.

This breed mix is cheerful, intelligent, and active. Like its parents, this dog will thrive where it gets attention and affection. Given love, this dog will give out its best. It’s a dog that will love joining and helping in any family activity.

If the Samoyed German shepherd mix takes the strong guarding instincts of the German shepherd, expect to have a reliable guarding dog who will notify you in case there is a stranger.

However, if this breed picks the Samoyed’s social and friendly nature, you don’t expect this breed mix to become a perfect guard or watchdog. Utmost, this dog will welcome every stranger with a wagging tail accompanied by a huge smile.

Worth noting, this dog will not be chatty or bark a lot. However, if its needs are not well met, it won’t hesitate to notify you with a low and soft bark.

Although not a lapdog, this dog will be happy resting near you as it receives the tummy rub it demands and deserves.

Also, this dog is friendly to other pets, whether small or big. However, new pets in your house need to be introduced with supervision.

This dog breed also loves children a lot. Children will need to learn how to handle your Samoyed German shepherd mix keenly. They need to learn that they don’t need to pull their ears or tail.

Exercise Needs

The Samoyed German shepherd mix is an active breed that will thrive in an active family setup. Such a trait is similar to both the German shepherd and the Samoyed. So, if you expected to have a couch potato or lap dog, this breed mix will frustrate you.

 Exercises Needs for a Puppy Samoyed German shepherd

Like every puppy, Samoyed German shepherd mix puppies will need less intensive exercise sessions. At maximum, 20-30 minutes of play daily will be more than enough.

If you need to know how much exercise your puppy needs, use this rule of thumb- for every month of age, subject it to 5 minutes of play.

For example, if your puppy is 5 months old, then you need to exercise it for 25 minutes of play a day. However, divide these minutes into 3 or two sessions.

Also, while it’s still a puppy, don’t involve it in strenuous exercises, as it risks getting joint issues attributed to their high growth rate that occurs when the puppy is 5-12 months.

Puppy interactive toys will also help keep this dog engaged all day.

Exercise Needs for Adult Samoyed German shepherd Mix

Adult Samoyed German shepherd mix will require a minimum of 45 minutes of play daily. Make this dog tired by either playing fetch, swimming, or jogging around. And yes, this dog will be a perfect jogging companion.

Making this dog tired ensures you don’t have a dog with pent-up energy. Dogs with lots of pent-up energy are more likely to become destructive and are at risk of developing obesity.

Knowing that always ensures someone can walk or exercise your Samoyed German shepherd mix when you are away. You can get a certified dog walker to do that for you.

Grooming Needs

After owning the Samoyed German shepherd mix, it shall be your responsibility to groom this dog breed mix daily.

The coat of this dog says it all. This dog will shed. Although we can’t stop our lovely dog mix from shedding, we can minimize it.

With its thick furry coat, you need to groom it daily using a long-toothed comb to remove all dead hair and dander.

Accompany that with a detangling rake which will undo all mats and tangles. By doing so, you will have reduced instances of coming across fur on your cloth or furniture.

Though it can be a daunting task for many, you can bathe this dog every 4 months. While bathing it, use a dog-friendly shampoo. Avoid human shampoo as it can cause skin irritation.

Also, don’t forget the ears and teeth of the Samoyed German shepherd mix. Ensure you check the ears for any foul smell and discharge. If you note anything out of place, notify the veterinary.

Clean the ears using 50 parts of lukewarm water and 50 parts apple cider vinegar.

Do this ear checkup weekly.

Also, ensure the teeth of this breed are free of tartar and plague by brushing them after every three days. Use a vet-approved toothbrush and toothpaste if you don’t want to have a dog with stinking gums and dirty teeth.

Clipping claws of this Samoyed breed mix is vital. Use a nail clipper to clip the nails once weekly and avoid cutting the blood vessels or nerve endings.

Worth noting the Samoyed German shepherd mix has vast grooming needs. However, consult the services of a professional groomer who will do all that for you, although it can be expensive.

Training and Socializing

Keep this dog mentally active by teaching it some new tricks. With its high intelligence, it won’t be a difficult task to introduce new tricks or commands.

Start training this breed mix when it’s still a puppy. Start with potty training classes, which are crucial for any dog.

Later you can teach it essential commands like come, ‘go,’ ‘stay,’ or ‘leave it’, all which can be helpful when going for walks with this dog in the park.

Worth noting, socializing the Samoyed German shepherd mix is a must. Expose this dog to lots of friendly sights and sounds. With that, you will not have a dog who will have hysterical barking whenever there are thunderstorms or unfamiliar people around.

Dietary Needs

The Samoyed German shepherd mix will require a high-calorie diet. A diet with healthy proteins sourced from fresh salmon, chicken, and lamb thighs will ensure this dog has the right amount of proteins needed for its growth.

If your dog has grain allergies, you can give it a grain-free diet. However, you need to discuss with a vet if it’s necessary to initiate such a diet on your dog.

Also, the dietary needs of this dog will vary depending on its age, size, and energy levels. Puppy Samoyed German shepherd mix will need a high-calorie diet compared to its seniors.

Depending on the dog’s preference and needs, you can decide to give it dry, wet, or a mixture of both diets.

All you need to do is ensure that every diet you give your Samoyed German shepherd mix meets its needs.


The Samoyed German shepherd mix is a relatively healthy dog breed. It is often attributed to the genetic diversity that occurs in most dog breed mixes.

However, be wary of some common diseases profound in the parents of this breed mix.

Obesity, glaucoma, and hip dysplasia are some of the conditions likely to hit your breed mix.

While at that, ensure you have adhered to your dog’s vaccination and deworming schedules. And if you are not a breeder, you can neuter or spay your lovely dog.

Worth noting, when purchasing this dog breed from a breeder, ensure you access the health clearance certificates that show this dog is free of hereditary diseases.

The Lifespan of the Samoyed German shepherd Mix

Given the right care, the Samoyed German shepherd mix will have a lifespan of 10-13 years.

Where Can I Get a Samoyed German shepherd Mix?

Reputable Breeder

You can get a Samoyed German shepherd breed mix from a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder will have positive reviews, and he’s always ready to match you with the dog that has the temperaments you desire.

Another thing, a reputable breeder will be glad to show you all the health clearance certificates of the puppy and the parents.

Adoptions Centers

German shepherd or Samoyed adoption center are other centers you can look for your next Samoyed German shepherd breed mix. However, since this breed mix is rare, you will utmost have to stay long before you get one.

Another thing dogs from adoption centers are cheap, vaccinated, and dewormed.

Will The Samoyed German shepherd Mix Be the Right Dog for Me?

The Samoyed German shepherd mix will be the right dog for you if you are an active person who loves high-energy dogs and you still have a large space in your yard. However, if you live on the highest floor of your apartment, you are not active, and you don’t love grooming dogs, then this breed mix will not be right for you.

Does The Samoyed German shepherd Breed Mix Make a Good Family Pet?

With its loyalty, intelligence, and love for children, this breed mix is an awesome family pet. However, to become an awesome pet, you must groom, feed, and give this dog attention it needs.

Final Thoughts

If you want to have a masculine dog breed mix that will forever accompany you in your errands, then the Samoyed German shepherd mix is the right dog.

If loved and taken care of, this dog will give you all you have desired from a mixed dog breed.

Tell us, do you have such a breed mix in your house, or are you planning to have one? Share your thoughts down here in the comment box.

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