Top 10 Best Dog Harness for German Shepherds

Best Dog Harness For German Shepherds

The German shepherd is one of the popular dog breeds in the world. This dog is hardworking, loyal, courageous, and intelligent.

And its love of keeping company, its human companions in every adventure, is unmatched. This dog will love joining you in every hiking or jogging session.

And one handy piece of equipment that can help take control of your dog during all these sessions is a German shepherd harness.

Such a dog gear should be made of quality materials to be durable and comfortable for your dog. 

You don’t want a harness that will chafe your dog’s coat now and then.

With that said, if you have been planning to buy a harness for your German shepherd, we have compiled a list of the ten best German shepherd harnesses that we think are the best in the market.

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What Type of Harness Is Better For German Shepherds?

As a masculine dog, the GSD will need a harness that is made of strong quality materials. A harness made from cotton may not be a perfect fit for your GSD. 

If your German shepherd loves pulling a lot, then you should consider having a no-pull harness, but if your dog is more of the military line, then a tactical vest of Military K9 Harness would be a perfect fit.

A list of 10 Best Harness for German Shepherds

Here is a list of our top picks of German shepherd harnesses that we found to be the best fit for you and your GSD.

Qualities Harness
Best no pull dog harness Eaglo dog harness no pull walking pet harness
Second choice no pull harness for dog Ruffwear, Front Range Dog Harness
Best hiking harness Embark Dog Adventure Harness
Best padded harness Rabbitgoo Dog Harness, No Pull Pet Harness
Best tactical vest of military k9 harness ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness With 2× Metal Buckle
Best lightweight harness Petsafe Easy Walk Dog Harness
Best harness for large German shepherds Explawlorer Big Dog Harness
Best tracking harness Signature K9 Leather Tracking Harness
Best car harness Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Dog Harness
Best reflective harness Bolux Dog Harness, No Pull Reflective Dog Vest

Top 10 Best Dog Harness For German Shepherds

1. Best No Pull Dog Harness: Eaglo Dog Harness

Topping our list of the best German Shepard harness is the Eaglo dog harness, a no-pull walking pet harness.

This harness is well adjustable perfect for dogs with a chest girth of between 15-35.4 inches, of which most GSDs lie between these ranges.

The next part that amazed us was the oxford material making this harness. Oxford material is sturdy and durable; thus, we are sure that most dog parents will be happy to use this gear not just for a season but for many years.

Also, the metal leash clips on this dog gear were hard to miss when reviewing this quality German shepherd harness. 

For pet parents who have German shepherds who love pulling, they can use the metallic front clip positioned on the chest area. 

When clipped on the front, you get plenty of control of your dog. Going through most reviews by most parents, they were happy how the front metal clip was quite sturdy.

If your dog stops the behavior of leash pulling, you can now use the v-shaped harness clip fitted on the top side of this gear.

Another eye-catching feature was the sturdy handle fitted near the center.

 This handle is essential when you want to lift or control your dog with much ease.

Another noteworthy feature of this equipment is the nylon webbing with reflective material on this harness.

 Such a feature is great when you have night running sessions with your German shepherd.

Unlike other harnesses, we didn’t find any dog parents complain that this reflective webbing was wearing out, which is a big plus.

When it comes to fitting this gear on your dog, we found it to be simple.

First, slip it over your dog’s head, then clip the two quick-release buckles, and off you go with your dog for outdoor adventures. 

Also, the four adjusting points found on this gear are great when you want to make sure that this wearable fits snugly on your dog.

Consequently, this brand has not compromised when it comes to the comfort and safety of your dog.

The reason being it has a breathable mesh lining with a soft sponge padding plate. 

With such vital features, you are confident your dog’s back won’t get hurt, and he will not get tired of wearing it.


  • Soft sponge padding for comfort
  • Two metal leash attachment clips necessary for taking control of your dog
  • Has reflective stripes for maximum visibility
  • Easy to wash


  • The harness is loose around the neckline

2. Second choice best no pull harness: Ruffwear, Front Range Dog Harness

When looking for the best German shepherd harness, you should never compromise your dog’s comfort. And the Ruffwear Front Range dog harness worn our heart on how they have prioritized the comfort of our dogs. 

One, this dog gear is made of lightweight colorfast shell fabric. Next, it has foam padding, which will not chafe your dog coat during all those running or jogging sessions. 

Lastly, you can use the four adjustment points to make sure this gear fits perfectly on your dog.

For sturdy control of your dog, this harness has two leash attachments points. 

One is fixed on the back, convenient when you want to slow walk with your dog. 

The next point of leash attachment is fixed on the chest area of this gear. And one, this leash attachment point is different from the rest as it’s more of webbing rather than a metal D-ring. 

We found this ring to be tough than we thought, better when you have a dog who likes the game of pulling.

Next, this gear for dogs has reflective trim that maximizes the visibility of your dog in low-lighted conditions. 

We love how these reflective trims are not exaggerated like other types of harnesses. 

These reflective trims let your dog stand out when he is in low-lighted areas.

Last but not least, we are glad that this improved ruffwear front range harness has an id pocket you can keep your dog’s tags and other identification documents. 

Such is a feature not found in many dog gears.

Highlight: most reviewers are happy how this dog equipment is lightweight and easy to fit


  • Soft padded for comfort of your dog
  • Reflective trims and bright to help your dog stand out
  • Two leash attachment points for a sturdy control


  • inner padding wears out with time

3. Best Hiking Harness: Embark Dog Adventure Harness

Another addition to our list of the best German shepherd harness is this gear from Embark. We found this dog gear the best hiking harness for German shepherds who love outdoor adventures as it is made of strong military-grade nylon. We were also happy with the included long straps that make the harness more secure for dogs who love escaping from other harnesses.

Also, the ergonometric well-woven handle is well stitched on this gear.

Such a handle is essential when you want to lift your pet or when you want to take better control of your dog in a crowded area or high up on a rocky area.

Obviously, you don’t want a handle that will snap. 

Another notable feature is the padded interior which has a breathable mesh. Such is a key highlight as you want this equipment to offer comfort and not pain on your dog. 

Other harnesses with no padding will tend to chafe your dog’s skin a lot, and that will bring up much discomfort.

And did we tell you that this hiking harness will not need any mathematical formula to fit on your dog’s body? 

Just slide your dog’s head through it, then clip the buckles. From there, you can enjoy all outdoor adventures with your dog.

For Germans shepherds who love pulling, this hiking harness has a way to counteract their behavior. 

The reason being there is a D clip attached on the front part of the harness, which you can use to fasten a leash to it. 

All you need to do is hold the leash tight anytime your German shepherd pulls a lot, and he will get redirected. 

Our primary concern regarding this feature is that most reviewers complained that this clip is not that sturdy enough, and you will keep on replacing it now and then. 

Other dog parents were happy with the adjustable straps on the chest and neck area, which you can loosen if the harness is hard pressing your dog’s body.

Last, the reflective trim on the side of this dog gear is one important feature we found to be essential, more so when you are walking your dog in low-lighted areas. 


  • Made of quality and strong materials
  • Easy to fit on your dog
  • Reinforced D ring suitable for dogs who like pulling
  • Reflective trim which is good for visibility


  • D ring can easily break

4. Best Padded German Shepherd Harness: Rabbitgoo Dog Harness, No Pull Pet Harness

If you are looking for a German shepherd harness that is secure and easy-fitting, then you should consider getting the rabbitgoo harness. 

We found the four easy-to-adjust straps on this gear important when you wanted to fasten your dog to fit without compromising his comfort. 

If your dog finds it easy to escape from any other standard harness, then he will have met his match when you opt for this Rabbit go harness.

Furthermore, the two safety clips made of metal were hard to miss. 

If your dog loves love pulling a lot, then attach a leash on the front clip for you to get maximum control of your dog. 

And if your German shepherd is calm and never pulls the leash, you can use the clip attached on top of this harness.

Worth noting, the interior of this dog gear is soft padded and breathable, which is one essential feature we check when analyzing other harnesses. 

Going through most reviews on Amazon, we found no one complaining about this padding.

Another feature we found to be of great importance is the quick-release buckles on this dog gear. 

All you need is to slide this harness over your dog’s head, buckle it up, and nothing now can stop you and your dog from taking casual walks and strolls together.

The ergonometric handle for control which is machine sewn, is another important feature we could not miss. Such a feature is essential when you want to load your GSD on a truck or lift him.

highlight: The Rabbitgoo dog harness is also an excellent No-pull training harness


  • Nice padded design on the interior to ensure comfort
  • Made of resistant oxford material, which is water reproof
  • Four adjustable straps for extra security
  • Reflective strap for much-needed visibility
  • Two metal D rings for leash attachment


  • Stitching not that solid
  • Reflective material tends to disappear on the inside of this harness

5. Best Tactical Vest Of Military K9 Harness: ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

German shepherds are strong canines, and if you’re not stern on how you handle your dog, it may overpower you-knowing that you will need a German shepherd harness that will match your dog’s energy. 

And the ICEFANG tactical dog harness is the best harness for Germans shepherds who are strong and masculine.

The metallic buckles fixed on its weight-bearing joints, an important safety feature power this harness’s unbreakable nature.

And what amazed us is that these two buckles have a 1000lb load proof test, and not even the toughest of all dogs can break such a fastening. 

Again, this ICEFANG company didn’t stop from there when it comes to toughening up this dog gear, as they have included some other two buckles on the belly with a 250 load proof tested. 

With such buckles, you are sure that even the toughest of all bullies will find it hard to break from this heavy-duty harness.

Another feature that we found to be ingenious on this dog equipment is the Bartack and X in box pattern sewing on a very weight-bearing joint, which is all-important in making this harness tough and durable.

Also, the tough sewn handle is another feature hard to ignore, as this handle will be important when you want to take better control of your dog in crowded areas or when you want to hoist your dog up.

The next feature we noticed is how you can attach a leash to this ICEFANG tactical dog harness. 

There are two strong clips fitted, one is the no pull clip fitted on the chest area, and the other is the back leash clip fitted on the top side of this gear. Such a top clip harness is perfect for dogs who don’t pull the leash.

Additionally, we found this tool to be the best Military K9 Harness for a German shepherd. 

The reason being it has two 1-inch molle, which are sewn on both sides. With this molles, you can carry attach your dog’s poop bag, training gears, and other needed accessories.


  • Well sewn on the weight-bearing parts
  • Easy to fits on the dog’s body
  • Made of alloy metal buckles for extra security
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive

6. Best Lightweight German Shepherd Harness: Petsafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

The Petsafe easy walk dog harness is a harness made by a pet company for the much-needed comfort of our dogs. 

So if you have been looking for a less complicated, easy fitting, and durable harness, then this dog gear should be your number one choice.

With its patented martingale loop and front chest leash attachment, we highly recommend this harness for those GSDS who love pulling. 

The straps on the harness rest on the chest instead of his throat, reducing the instances of him being gagged or choked when he pulls. 

Although that’s a minute feature, we found it to be of much importance worth not bypassing.

We also found this gear easy to fit on your dog, helped by the quick snap shoulder and belly straps  

Moreover, the two quick snap buckles that rest on the shoulder and belly make it easier to get this gear on and off. 

Everyone likes the easy way; you don’t want a harness that will take a huge chunk of your time to buckle on and off.

Another feature that we found to be minute but rather important was the different coloration of the harness to differentiate the top from the bottom

With that said, if you have been looking for the best German shepherd harness that is of quality and inexpensive, look no further.

Highlight: the major complaint that we saw from most reviewers is that when the harness gets used repeatedly, the straps start rubbing your dog’s skin hard.


  • Easy to fit on your dog
  • Washable
  • Easy to adjust
  • not an expensive harness


  • Not that comfortable for dogs

7. Best Harness for Large German shepherd Dogs: Explawlorer Big Dog Harness

EXPLAWLORER big dog harness is one of the best no pull German shepherd harnesses that will make all adventures with your dog memorable.

And our much concern is the large size capable of accommodating dogs with a chest girth of 26-36 inches like the GSD.

Designed for no pull, this dog gear is perfect for dogs who can’t stop pulling anytime they catch the sight of a squirrel or a cat passing. 

When you emergency pull your dog, the tension spreads on the wide belt and the strong belt chest strap, thus minimizing the risk of getting your dog gagged or choked.

We also didn’t find any issue putting this harness on a dog with the in-place big quick-snap buckle. 

The adjustment buckle also makes this harness easy to adjust per your preference while considering the dog’s comfort.

Unlike other harnesses for dogs with short and thin reflective stripes, we found this strip on this gear to be much longer and wide. 

Such is a crucial element, especially when you are night running with your dog.

Additionally, this gear has one sturdy ring fixed on the top part. 

This D ring has been firmly sewn on this harness, and at no time did we see any complaint from a dog parent that it had snapped out.

Moving forward, the rubber control handle on this gear is ergonometric, convenient when you want to hoist or when you want to have better control of your dog. 

And the handle on this gear is one feature that most dog parents loved most

And is the explawlorer big dog harness padded? Yes, this dog gear has soft padding important in getting your dog comfy throughout the outdoor adventures.

Lastly, this harness for dogs comes in seven colors, and you can choose any of the colors per your preference


  • East to wash harness
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • As reflective straps for maximum visibility


  • Hard to wash

8. Best Tracking Harness: Signature K9 Leather Tracking Harness

The Signature K9 is one of the best harnesses for German shepherds suitable for training purposes. 

A quick check on this dog gear, and you will see it’s made of leather, a sturdy material. 

And such is a guarantee that it is strong and durable enough to give you service for long.

The fleece-lined padded breastplate is worth mentioning as this gives your dog maximum comfort during all tracking sessions. 

We also found the buckles on this gear, five to be exact, tough and sturdy.  And more so, they are easy to open and close. 

However, the concern we found with most pet parents is that these buckles wear out with time.  

After checking most reviews, dog parents were happy with the padded breastplate.


  • The leather harness is durable
  • Chest pad increases comfort
  • Easy to put on and off


  • Buckles break with time after use

9. Best Car Harness For German Shepherds: Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Dog Harness

The kurgo tru-fit enhanced strength dog harness is one of the few multipurpose harnesses for dogs that you will find out there in the market. 

You can use this gear to walk your dog or safely carry him with you in your car. This is well possible because of the pet safety belt, which is supplied separately. 

With such a high-quality harness, you will be comfortable knowing your dog is well secure on the car seat.

Moreover, the manufacturer has crash-tested this dog gear for dogs up to 75 pounds. Another feature is the front, and back leash clips fixed on this equipment. 

These clips are sturdy and strong; not even the toughest of pullers can break these clips.

The front leash attachment is best used if you have a dog who loves pulling out. When your dog pulls a lot, the front clip helps gear your dog towards you without pressing his chest.

Another feature worth not skipping is the chest plate which is soft padded, ensuring your dog is always comfortable when he is on this gear. 

The five adjustment points on this gear are worth noting as they give you a leeway to adjust them per your preference, ensuring your dog has fitted in snuggly  

Lastly, the steel nesting buckles are easy to buckle on and going through most reviews, most dog parents liked how strong these buckles were.


  • One of the best multipurpose harness
  • Buckles are made of steels
  • Crash tested
  • The chest plate is padded for much comfort


  • Padding on the chest sometimes wears out with time

10. Best Reflective Dog Harness: Bolux Dog Harness, No Pull Reflective Dog Vest

Are you looking for a German shepherd harness that is durable and one that you can adjust its size as your dog grows? 

Then it’s time to consider the Bolux dog harness, no pull reflective dog vest.

 This dog gear stands out as one of the best harnesses for German shepherds who are great at leash pulling. 

This gear has a soft padded interior to ensure maximum comfort, which will keep your dog skin free from scratching or irritation that most dog harnesses bring with.

The strong metallic harness clip fixed on top of this gear will give you extra control of your dog without causing any damage to his throat area. 

When pulled, the front strap evenly distributes pressure all over the body, thus reducing the chances of gagging or choking your dog. 

The next feature that we noticed on this Bolux dog gear is the rugged nylon handle, which was big enough to fit any arm giving you an upper hand when you want a better control

Consequently, the reflective straps are not hard to notice, accompanied by vivid fluorescent trims. 

We also loved the sewing of these trims as they make this gear look spectacular. 

Such a reflective strap and the trims will be of much use when your dog walks in the dark.

Most dog parents were happy with how their dogs looked good on this gear. 

Perhaps you should try it on your dog.


  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Stainless steel D ring for attaching the harness
  • Easy to fit harness
  • Washable


  • These buckles were out with time

Buyer's Guide: How To Choose The Best Dog Harness For Your German Shepherd?


One of the key factors you should never assume when choosing the best German shepherd harness is its durability. Look for a harness made of durable and high-quality materials like nylon or polyester. These types of materials are tough and can last for long without wearing out.

You will find gears made of cotton, and they are appealing; however, they are not long-lasting. With that said, opt for a harness that will serve you for many years, ensuring all hikes or adventures with your dog are memorable.


When opting for the perfect harness for German shepherds, consider how comfy it is. Ensure the extra padding on this harness is not abrasive that it will chafe or irritate your dog’s skin. Again, look for a harness that is a perfect fit for your GSD. Ensure the harness snugly fits on your dog’s chest area and the back-line.

A poorly made harness will make your dog uncomfortable and still make him hate the idea of being on a harness.

Leash attachment

How do you attach a leash to this German shepherd harness? Often you will find a different type of clips attached to this dog gear. The most popular are the front clip, back clip, or both.

The front clip attachment, the safety clip is attached to the chest area of the harness. Such a leash attachment is perfect for dogs who love pulling the leash a lot, as it helps control this nasty behavior. The other type is back attachment, where now the safety clip is fixed on the back of this dog gear. Such a type of leash attachment is suitable for dogs who have passed the leash pulling phase.

while on that a harness with plastic clips is the best fit for a calm dog

Adjustability And Buckle Style

Check the making of the buckles, where they are fitted, and they are strong enough. With a strong dog like the GSD, you will need a harness made of strong buckles which have been load-tested, ensuring they don’t break off.

Always look for a harness with strong metallic or plastic buckles.

Again ensure this dog gear is well adjustable while on your dog’s body for a perfect and secure fit

Chew resistant

If you have a tough chewer who can’t resist putting everything on its mouth, then your harness may be next in line. Don’t look for a harness made of soft material, as it will be easy to chew. Instead, opt for a harness made of tough to chew materials.


When looking for the best German shepherd harness, look for one made of breathable material. With its coat type, you will not need a harness that will make your dog overheated.  And such is vital if you live in a place with high temperatures.

Escape-resistant straps

If you have an escape artist who will wriggle out of other types of harnesses, then you need to purchase a harness with escape-resistant straps. These straps ensure your Houdini German shepherd is safely secure on this harness.

German shepherd Harness Materials

Various materials can be used to make a harness for German shepherds. 

For big dogs like GSDs, you will need a harness made of tough and quality materials. Nevertheless, here are some of the materials used to make German shepherd harnesses.


Nylon is a tough artificial material that is strong, water-resistant. And most brands use this type of material to make strong harnesses suitable for large and heavy dogs like the German shepherds.

Polyester Materials

Polyester is another type of strong and durable material that most brands used to make dog harnesses.


As you know, leather is strong and durable. However, a leather harness needs some foam padding for extra cushioning and the comfort of your dog.

Types of German shepherd Harnesses

The type of harness you decide to purchase will be determined by its purpose and your dog’s personality. 

If you have a dog who is excellent in leash pulling, you will need a no-pull harness. Also when traveling with your dog, you will need a car harness for maximum safety of your GSD. 

Also dogs who love hiking should be on a hiking harness. With that said, here are some of the types of German shepherd Harness you can find out there in the market.

No Pull Harness

Some German shepherds are easily distracted while you walk with them. 

Some will love chasing squirrels on the way, or they will become excited with the sight of other dogs. 

And such dogs will tend to pull a lot, and it can be tiresome for you.

For such dogs, they need to be on a no-pull harness. 

No pull harness has a safety clip attached to the chest area, which you can connect to your leash. 

Anytime the German shepherd pulls, the dog will be directed away from its intended direction, giving you an upper hand over the dog.

Padded Harness

Most German shepherd harnesses are built of quality fabric material, and the interior is lined within air breathable mesh to cushion your dog’s body for much-needed comfort.

Reflective Harness

A reflective harness will be a lifesaver when you want to travel with your dog in a low-lighted area. When your dog is on such a harness, there is less risk of getting knocked down by other motorists.

These reflective harnesses have a reflective strip or element sewn on them

Car harness

A car harness makes traveling with your dog in a car more comfy and safe. These dog gears are made of different designs and varying fabrics.

Tracking Harness

German shepherds are perfect tracking dogs, and when they are doing their job, they need specialized gadgets. And one of the equipment is a tracking harness. You often find dog trainers using this tracking harness during Schutzhund trials

Tactical Vest of Military K9 Harness

A tactical harness is often used by military, police dogs, or K9 dogs. Such a harness is heavy-duty fabric material but still maintains the much-needed Comfortability. 

Hiking Harness

This dog gear is suited for dogs who love joining their human companions in all hiking adventures.

German Shepherd Harness Styles

Harnesses for dogs come in varying designs and styles, and one of the key features that distinguish these styles is the leash attachment point. 

You can find a German shepherd harness with a front clip attachment, back clip attachment, or dual clip attachment style. 

Let’s look at the differences and advantages of these styles.

Front Clip Harness Style

Such a front clip harness has a leash attachment clip fixed on the middle part of the chest area. 

And such a harness with this kind of leash attachment is best suited for German shepherds who love pulling the leash a lot. 

With the position of the clip, you get better control of your dog if he starts tugging or pulling.

Additionally, this front clip helps steer your dog’s chest and shoulder without choking or causing discomfort.


  • Gives you as the handler better control of your GSD
  • Less expensive
  • Best for handling dogs who love pulling


  • The leash can tangle between your dog’s front legs

Back Clip Harness Style

Such a harness has the leash attachment clip fixed on the back part of the harness. And this harness with this model of leash attachment clip is best suited for calm dogs who have passed the phase of leash pulling.

With such a style of leash attachment, you only need to clip your leash on this back clip, and nothing can now stop you and your dog from enjoying all outdoor adventures.


  • Best for controlling and handling leash trained German shepherd dogs
  • The leash doesn’t tangle between your dog’s front legs


  • It can be hard to control a dog who pulls the leash

Dual Clip Harness Style

A dual clip harness possesses the features of both the front and back clip harness style. 

With this harness, you can either use the front clip if your dog pulls a lot. Alternatively, you can attach the leash on the back clip if you have a calm dog.

Most dog parents are embracing such a style for dog harness because of its versatility.


  • Gives you a fur much better control of your dog


  • Costly

Why Should You Use a Harness for Your German Shepherds?

A harness has lots of benefits both for you and your dog. Here are some of the top benefits of using a harness for German shepherds.

Better Control of Your German shepherd

A harness will be a great tool to control your dog, especially in crowded areas or on a busy road.

A Harness Discourages Pulling

One of the best ways to stop your dog from pulling is using a no pull harness. 

That’s why a harness is superior to a collar. Often collars encourage the behavior of leash pulling rather than stopping it. 

When it comes to a harness, it redirects your dog away from its intended directions. 

The good thing is that a harness is made in a way that it won’t damage your dog’s air passage when it’s pulling.

A comfortable harness is gentle on your dog’s neck and chest area. When your dog pulls a lot, the harness spread the tension all over your dogs’ body rather than centralizing it.

Suitable For Stopping German Shepherds Who Love Escaping Out Of Collars

If you have a collar, letting your dog wriggle out, you need to opt for a harness. 

Some of these harnesses have safety buckles that stop your dog from escaping out. You will also find some harnesses with fastening straps to ensure maximum safety.

A Harness Will Help You Lift Your Dog

Harnesses are made in a way that can help you lift your dog without injuring his ribcages and backbones. 

For example, if your dog cannot jump on the truck, you can use a harness to hoist him up with ease. You cannot use a collar to hoist your dog up or help him stand up.

Final Verdict

Selecting the ideal harness for a German Shepherd requires a focus on durability, comfort, adjustability, control, and safety. 

The best harness should withstand strong pulls, offer padded support to avoid discomfort, and be easily adjustable for a perfect fit. Essential features include a robust leash attachment point, reflective elements for visibility, and a control handle for emergencies. 

It’s crucial to choose a breathable, easy-to-use harness that promotes both the dog’s and the owner’s well-being. Measure your dog carefully and consider other owners’ experiences for the best outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions About German Shepherd dog Harness

A harness should not be used as a tool for punishing your dogs. 

With that, always consider the best German shepherd harness made of quality materials. 

The reason being you will want your dog to feel safe and comfortable as you enjoy your adventures together. A secure harness won pinch your dog’s coat.

Fastening a harness on your German shepherd should not be done in a hurry. 

The reason being you want a harness that will snug fit on your dog’s body, rather than have one that your dog can wriggle out or press him hard. 

Nevertheless, here is how you can tell a harness is too tight or too loose

  • Your dog is easily wriggling out
  • Your dog doesn’t like being on a harness
  • Your dog is losing hair around the area the harness is resting
  • You can know it’s too tight if you find it hard to pass your two middle fingers between the harness and the dog skin

Anytime, the harness is always superior to a collar. 

The reason being a harness gives you far much better control of your dog than when he is on a collar. 

A collar may press your dog’s neck area, especially if he loves pulling a lot. And again, most German shepherds can easily wriggle out of a collar than on a harness.

When you have a harness, a collar becomes redundant. 

If used in combination with a harness, a collar can cause much discomfort on your dog’s neck leading to joint injuries or even chaffing of the skin. 

A crucial advice here is that never use a harness in combination with a collar for the safety and comfort of your dog.

When you want to choose the best German sheered harness, there is no factor that we can say that is superior to the other. 

For example, you can choose a comfortable, but you won’t enjoy its service for long if it’s not sturdy. And mostly, you will spend your time in the pet shop looking for another harness. 

Nevertheless, the factors we had earlier started on what to look for when choosing a quality German shepherd harness will be a great foundation when you go to buy the next harness.

Unlike when on a collar, a German shepherd should not stay on a harness for the whole day. 

The reason being, most of these harnesses, like the tactical ones, are too bulky, and they may be a burden on your dog’s neck and back area. 

Again your dog won’t be comfortable sleeping when he’s on a harness. At no time should you let your German shepherd stay with a harness for the whole day.

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