German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix: What You Need To Know

German Shepherd Pomeranian mix

The German shepherd Pomeranian mix is a crossbreed that occurs when a German shepherd mates with a Pomeranian. And I know you are perplexed to learn such a breed mix is a possibility. Well, that can occur, although through controlled breeding or accidental mating.

When these two breeds mate, it can be often unpredictable to forecast the outcome for offspring. However, either of the parents will affect this breed mix temperaments and appearance.

So, does a German shepherd Pomeranian mix make a good pet? Let’s delve into the matters of this dog breed mix to unearth more.

Can a German shepherd And a Pomeranian Mate?

How does it happen? Will the German shepherd mount the Pomeranian, or it’s the other way round? I know that’s one of the questions you have in your mind.

The most plausible option for breeders that want to breed these two dogs is through artificial insemination. Whereby the German shepherd is artificially inseminated with the male Pomeranian sperms.

The Pomeranian female can’t carry the litter, as it can be unsafe for the bitch. As you know, the Pomeranian is a tiny dog breed; thus, giving this dog the task of caring for the litter is dangerous

Is It Right to Mate a German shepherd And a Pomeranian?

Most hybrid dog lovers say that mating two dog breeds brings out a dog breed mix with unique temperaments. Again the offspring are free of congenital disorders.

However, those against such breeding practices say that you may get a breed mix with unpredictable temperaments.

It’s one of the hot debates that will never end soon. What’s your say? Maybe you can share your thoughts later.

Understanding the German shepherd and the Pomeranian dog breed.

All About the German Shepherd Dog Breed

The German shepherd is a medium-sized dog breed that has its roots in Germany. And to date, this dog breed has gained popularity worldwide.

Its versatility, high working drive, and intelligence make it unmatchable with other dog breeds. Combined with how loyal it is, such attributes have seen it become a favorite working companion in the police and army department.

Size and Weight

The German shepherd can weigh between 22-26 inches, and weight ranges from 50 to 70 pounds.

One of the distinguishing features is the double coat. The outer coat is harsh and wiry, whereas the inner coat is soft and silky. All these coats help the German shepherd withstand extreme weather conditions.

Coat color and patterns also vary. Most predominant colors of the GSD include.

  • Black and tan
  • Black and red
  • Black and silver
  • Solid red
  • Sable

Some of the colors which are considered faulty are white and blue.

This dog breed has two lines: the working line and the show line German shepherds

Working line German shepherds have strict breeding guidelines compared to the show line German shepherds.

However, what is common in these dog lines is their courage and loyalty. Also, German shepherds love company, whether it’s from other animals or your family members.

What Are the German shepherd’s Common Health Issues?

The common health issues likely to affect the German shepherd

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Bloat
  • Patellar luxation
  • Dilated cardiomyopathy
  • Glaucoma
  • Hypothyroidism

The Pomeranian Dog Breed

The Pomeranian is small size dog breed, a member of the spitz group

Weight and Height

According to the AKC breed, this dog can weigh between 3-7 pounds. And the height ranges are between  6-7 inches. Breeds that go below or above measurements are deemed faulty.

Coat and Coat Color

One of the hallmarks of the Pomeranian dog is the type of coat. This dog has a luxurious soft-to-touch double coat.

The luxurious coat tends to be thicker around the neck. Also, the plumed tail of this dog is worth watching and irresistible to touch.

Checking this dog breed closely, you will see it resembles a fox-this is because of the head, which is wedged coupled with erect ears.

The eyes are medium-sized, well placed on the skull. These eyes express an intelligent and alert dog breed.

Even though small, the Pomeranian has a large than life attitude. This dog will challenge bigger dogs or even other animals of which at times puts them at risk.

Also, like other small dog breeds, the Pomeranians can be hard to house train. They will require regular short training sessions, ensuring they grasp every command with ease.

Relationship with children is another key aspect we should talk more about this breed. With their small size, these dogs are more suitable to stay in a house with bigger children who know how to handle small dogs.

The reason being small children may treat this dog like a doll by roughing it up. If you still desire to live with this dog, let the children learn how to handle this miniature dog.

All along, children who treat this dog with respect receive the same kind of treatment.

With its minute size, this breed can live in an apartment as it doesn’t need a big space to flex its muscles. However, that doesn’t imply you should let it live alone for long as it risks developing behavioral issues.

Above all, the Pomeranian is a friendly, lively, and playful dog.

Comparing the German shepherd and the Pomeranian Breed

German shepherd Pomeranian
AKC Rank 2 23
AKC group Herding group Toy group
Height 22-26 inches 6-7 inches
Weight 50-90 pounds 3-7 pounds
Temperaments Intelligent, courageous, loving, and loyal Inquisitive, Bold, lively
Coat type Medium length double coat Dense double coat
Coat color Most colors are acceptable, except white, liver, or blue All colors and patterns are acceptable
Level of shedding High High
Grooming needs high High
Intelligence level high Moderate
Ease of training perfect Fair
barking Moderate High
Apartment living Not suitable Perfect fit
Lifespan 12-14 years 12-16 years


The Size and Appearance of the German shepherd Pomeranian Mix

Both parents of this breed mix will determine its size and appearance. Expect a German shepherd Pomeranian mix weighing between 30-60 pounds, and height standards will also vary from one dog to the other. All these parameters are dependent on which dog possesses the stronger genes compared to the other. However, most German shepherd Pomeranian mix will tend to be bulkier than the Pomeranian.

Also, the head of this dog breed mix is wedge-shaped, with erect ears that will perk up when this dog is attentive. Also, the eyes are of a dog expressing friendliness and playfulness.

With both the German shepherd and the Pomeranian having a double coat, expect the same to occur in this dog breed mix. The German shepherd Pomeranian mix has a double coat that helps keep it warm.

Coat colors and patterns will vary. Nevertheless, this breed mix will occur with colors like black and tan, brown, and red.

Also, the tail will resemble the German shepherd’s, with it being medium in length with lots of furs.

Temperaments of the German shepherd Pomeranian Mix

German shepherds are loyal, intelligent, and firm. Whereas Pomeranians, according to the AKC, are bold, lively, and inquisitive.

With that, expect the dog breed to pick either of the temperaments or even have all of them. Over and above, the German shepherd Pomeranian is a family-oriented dog breed who will love staying near people. This dog is happy when given affection, which it gives back.

The German shepherd Pomeranian mix will have a bold attitude and strong protective instincts. With that, you are sure your home will be free of intruders or other animals.

Such dispositions are more evident in both parents. However, you need to ensure this dog is not overprotective, as it can be bad behavior.

Also, expect a dog with high energy levels. You will note this dog may pick the playfulness of the Pomeranian. It’s a dog that will play and romp around till its ‘batteries’ are down.

Also, this dog can bark a lot. Such behavior is evident with the Pomeranian dog. Often your dog will bark to grab your attention or when it’s anxious.

Will this German shepherd Pomeranian be more of a working or a companion dog? Depending on which temperament and energy levels it has, you can either have a working or companion dog breed.

However, utmost Pomeranian shepherd mix will not like when they become lapdogs, but they won’t resist resting beside you as your binge-watch your favorite movie.

Again, this dog will tend to be selective about who it loves. The German shepherd Pomeranian mix will be attached to one person; however, they will still give other family members their fair share of affection.

Often this individual will be the one who exercises, feeds, or spends most of the time with it.

Worth noting, the temperaments of this dog mix can at times be hard to predict, especially when you adopt or get them when they are already adults. If so, it will be dependent on how they are raised, socialized, and trained.

Hence, when you decide to buy from a breeder, let the breeder explain to you about its temperaments and its parents. From there, you will make an informed decision of whether this mix will be perfect for you.

Grooming Needs

As this dog has a double coat, it is evident that it will shed a lot. With that, you need to arm yourself with a detangling rake, a fine-toothed comb, and a fine bristled brush to remove all loose fur and dander that may, unfortunately, land on your furniture or clothes.

For better results, always make sure you have brushed the coat once a day. If your dog seems to have mats, you need to use a detangling rake to undo them smoothly.

Using this rake will undo all mats that can be painful for this dog. Again, more emphasis will be needed during the shedding seasons. Thus such highlighted tools will be handy.

Bathing this dog’s coat will be essential. A bath thrice a year will help remove odd smells and reduce dander present in your dog.

If your dog has a skin condition, use a veterinary medicated shampoo that will help calm the condition.

All you need to do is to avoid using human shampoo, which can corrode your dog or even bring up pH imbalance if used.

Other grooming etiquettes you need to note

One cleaning the ears uses 50-50 parts of lukewarm water and apple cider vinegar to keep the ears clean. And when cleaning each ear, use a different cloth to avoid transmission of infections from one ear to the other.

Also, you need to check the ears for any foul smell or discharge and abnormal swelling. If you note anything out of place, then contact your veterinary.

Dental health

Keep the teeth of this dog free of plaques and tartar by brushing them twice a week. You don’t need to use human toothpaste as it can be hazardous for the mixed dog breed. You will need to use a dog’s toothpaste and toothbrush.

Nail trimming

Also, clip the nails if they seem overgrown or when you can hear them clicking the floor surface. You will need to use a nail clipper that will not injure it.

How Much Exercise Does the German shepherd Pomeranian Mix Need

The German shepherd is an active dog breed mix that requires exercise sessions to expel any excess energy. If they pack lots of energy, these dogs can become destructive.

With that, a minimum of 45 minutes of play a day will be essential.

When it comes to the Pomeranian dogs, though they are minute, they are not lazy bones. Play sessions which are not exerting are always vital for this dog. All in all, 30 minutes of play divided into two sessions will be crucial.

With that said, the Pomeranian German shepherd mix will be a high-energy dog breed that will need exercise sessions to keep its muscles healthy.

However, the exercise activities need to be less exerting as you don’t want this dog breed mix to damage its bones.

On average, this breed mix will need a minimum of 40 minutes of play daily. You can take your German shepherd Pomeranian mix for forest walks, jogging, or let the dog run around the yard.

These play sessions are advantageous as they will help strengthen the bond between you and the dog.

Knowing that this dog will have lots of energy, you need to have a big, spacious yard. Living with this dog in a confined space for long is not good.

Also, you can seek the services of a dog walker if you are not available. Besides physical exercises, the German shepherd will need mentally stimulating exercise. Mental stimulating activities include playing hide and seek or even giving this dog puzzle toys.

Both physical and mental stimulations will help ensure this dog is healthy.

Training and Socialization

The German shepherd is an intelligent dog breed that is always eager to learn new commands and tricks. With that, a German shepherd Pomeranian mix who picks after such intelligence will be easy to train. Such a dog will need fewer repetitions for it to grab a concept.

What of the Pomeranian dog? However, the Pomeranian is more of a stubborn and smart dog breed, but not intelligent like the German shepherd.

If your German shepherd Pomeranian mix picks after the Pomeranian, you need to be stern and do not expect results very soon as the training session will not be smooth as per your desire.

Again, when you get your hybrid dog, always start the training sessions as soon as possible. And the best time is when the dog is still a puppy.

Start with basic commands, and then you can transition to other complex commands as your dog grows.

Potty training sessions are the best to start with. However, as we earlier said, Pomeranian will have issues with house training lessons. With that, you will need various sessions before your dog grasps every concept you train it.

Also, Pomeranians lose interest very fast – so you need to put that place if your dog picks this side of the parent.

Moreover, ensure you use reward-based training. Whereby you will reward the behavior you desire. With that, your dog will know every time it does something remarkable; it will be rewarded.

Also, you need to check on your tone of voice every time as this breed mix will be sensitive to that. So don’t shout or scream at your dog.

Disciplining Your German shepherd Pomeranian Mix

You don’t need to use cursing words or physically harm this dog when you want to correct it.

Use positive reinforcement when you want to discipline this dog. With that, in case your dog does anything wrong, learn to ignore it and show dissatisfaction. And remember not to reward it. However, always reward it when it does something remarkable. With that, your dog will always do things that it knows will bring out a reward. Also, be patient and be consistent when you are training your German shepherd Pomeranian breed mix.

Socialization Is Vital

If you don’t want to have an aggressive dog breed mix, you need to start socializing it when it arrives in your home.

Through socialization, you will expose this dog to lots of sights and sounds. Learn to take this dog to dog play dates where it will interact with other dogs.

Also, let the dog learn the act of eating together with other dogs. Doing so will erase the behavior of food aggressiveness or greediness.

Also, let the dog meet new people and let the dog know who’s a threat and friendly. With that, you will have a dog breed that is not overaggressive or difficult to handle.

Health Issues

Which conditions is the German shepherd Pomeranian mix likely to acquire. Are they severe let’s dive in and have a look.

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia- a painful joint condition that can be aggravated if the dog becomes obese.
  • Trachea collapse- this condition is found in Pomeranians
  • Luxating patella- a joint issue that affects small dogs
  • Osteoarthritis- a form of degenerative disorder
  • Hypothyroidism- an endocrine disorder characterized by an underactive thyroid

As always, ensure you have updated your dog’s vaccines and remember to deworm it regularly.

The Lifespan of the Pomeranian German shepherd Mix

The German shepherd Pomeranian mix can have a lifespan of between 9-15 years. The lifespan of this dog breed mix will be much dependent on the care it receives.

Where Can I Get a Pomeranian German shepherd Mix?

Since this dog breed is rare, you may stay for long before getting one around your area. Sometimes it may be hard to get one, as most breeders are still hesitant to breed small and big dogs.

A Reputable Breeder

Check for a reputable breeder in your area and enquire whether you can find this dog breed mix. If so, ensure you get all the health clearance of the puppies and parents to ensure they are free of congenital disorders.

Rescue Center

Visit any rescue center in your area and enquire whether it’s possible to find this breed mix. If you get your dog here, it will probably be cheaper, vaccinated, microchipped, and dewormed.

How Much Is German shepherd Pomeranian Mix

If you get a puppy from a breeder, the price may range from 800-1500 Dollars. They charge high because of the care and all health checkup tests this dog receives. However, if you check in a rescue center, the price may range from 150 to 500 dollars.

Is the German shepherd Pomeranian Mix the Right Dog for Me

If you have a spacious yard, you have bigger children, and you love dogs who are playful and affectionate to their family members, then go no further.

However, if you don’t like mixed dog breeds and don’t like dogs who can be stubborn sometimes, you may need to consider other options other than the German shepherd Pomeranian mix.

Final Thoughts

Hoping by now you have learned more about this dog-bred mix. It’s rather a new dog breed mix, but it possesses exemplary attributes. Tell us, do you have this dog breed mix, or are you thinking of having one.

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