How to take care of Newborn German Shepherd Puppies?

Newborn German Shepherd Puppies

Newborn German Shepherd puppies are carried in the womb by female German Shepherd Dogs for about 64 days.

Thereafter when they are born, they should be handled with great care, especially in the critical period of their initial days and the coming weeks.

Newborn German Shepherd puppies require 24-hour care and effort, as they can neither see until 8-14 days nor hear till 5-8 days.

They are only able to sense their mother’s warmth and are not able to stand until 2-4 coming weeks. Altogether, they are born with 0 social skills and 0 baby teeth.

how to take care of a German shepherd puppy?

Takeaway facts:

  1. Mostly, the first newborn German Shepherd Puppy of the mother is a male! Interesting, right?
  2. German Shepherd Dogs are known for having a large litter size and can deliver up to 2-14 Baby German Shepherds, taking their average litter size to 8.

Here’s an article to guide you on how to take care of a newborn German Shepherd puppy the right way!!

How to provide proper ‘nesting’ for Newborn German Shepherd puppies?

For a proper nesting, you should prepare and provide a big, safe, and warm bed box for the mommy German Shepherd and her baby German Shepherds (before their birth) in a quiet room. This bed box is known as a whelping box.

Here, you should ensure-

  • Placing Newspapers- For a quick clean up
  • Placing towels and Blankets- Stretch them tight so that the newborn German Shepherd puppies aren’t lost underneath them

Ensure that the size of the whelping box is large enough to accommodate the female Shepherd Dog and her newborn German Shepherd puppies easily.

Note- If you are unable to prepare a whelping box for the newborn puppies, just go for a crate directly.

Why should you build a proper nest?

A mother will always want a safe puppy area to deliver her newborn puppies. Therefore, building and providing such a bed box would save the Shepherd Dog from the pain of looking for a personal place to deliver her newborn baby, and make you a good prospective owner.

What is the ideal heat source for Newborn German Shepherd puppies?

What is the ideal heat source for Newborn German Shepherd puppies?

Newborn German Shepherd Puppies can’t keep up a legitimate internal heat level and chilled puppies even suffer death, if not given a proper 24-hour care. So, it’s frequently important to place ideal heat sources such as warming product or a heating pad at a fair distance (protecting the newborn German Shepherd puppies) to maintain the room temperature.

Ideal Temperature for a Newborn Puppy (German Shepherd Dogs)-

  • Initial 2 Weeks- 30-32° Celsius or 85-90° Fahrenheit
  • End of 3rd Week- 22°C or 65-80° F

Preferred Humidity for a Newborn Puppy ( German Shepherd Dogs)-

55 percent to 65 percent- It will help in strengthening the immune system of the newborn German Shepherd puppies and also serve as an aid in improving the puppy’s health.

What are the major steps involved in the birthing process of Newborn German Shepherd puppies?

The steps to be followed in this process are:

  • Monitor the body movements of each Baby German Shepherd to ensure that every single puppy is in good health.
  • Make sure that each baby German Shepherd is breathing properly.
  • If the newborn German Shepherd puppy’s health is not in a good condition, try pouring a drop of liquor on its tongue.

What should be done immediately after the birth of Newborn German Shepherd puppy?

What should be done immediately after the birth of Newborn German Shepherd puppy?

After they are born, the newborn German Shepherd Puppies should be immediately nursed by the nursing female for proper puppy health.

The nursing activity animates withdrawals in the mother and gives significant colostrum to the newborn German Shepherd puppy.

Generally, the mother separates herself from her newborn German Shepherd baby by cutting the umbilical cord. However, if she is exhausted, be a responsible prospective owner and clean the belly button and the private parts of the mother German Shepherd Dog.

Use a sanitizer (especially in these times) and place towels on the baby German Shepherd to clean them until they are dry.

Do you know that there is a term called  ‘clean ones‘ with respect to the newborn German Shepherd puppies?

This term is used for those newborn German Shepherds who are tenderly licked by their mother!

What is the average weight of a Newborn German Shepherd puppy?

The average weight of Newborn German Shepherd baby:

  • The average birth weight of a newborn German Shepherd baby is anywhere between 0.08 pounds to 1.3 pounds
  • By the end of the 1st week, baby German Shepherd’s body weight is approximately 1.6 pounds to 2.1 pounds

Which device is used for the measurement of the weight of Newborn German Shepherd puppies?

Measure every single puppy’s weight using a weighing scale and maintain a habit of logging it down daily.

Giving birth is the foremost primary deed while maintaining a healthy environment to grow is the most prominent and important thing!

Tip: As the average litter size of a German Shepherd Dog is 8, it is certainly difficult to identify each baby German Shepherd. To simplify the process, tie different colors of thread to the necks of each newborn German Shepherd puppy.

How to prepare a commercial milk composition for Newborn German Shepherd Puppies?

newborn black german shepherd puppies

Given below is a way for you to prepare a commercial milk composition that is as good as the newborn German Shepherd puppies and can be used as a dog milk replacement:

  1. 6 grams of powdered bones
  2. 27 oz of cow’s whole milk
  3. 1 egg (whole)
  4. 6 oz of cream
  5. Vitamin supplements ( A, D,..)

This puppy milk replacer is to be served in a warm water bottle, hot water bottle, or baby bottle at room temperature.

After giving birth to Shepherd puppies, mother Shepherd Dog does not secrete milk. Instead, she secretes a yellow substance known as ‘Colostrum’.

This Colostrum is very beneficial as it helps to transmit the maternal antibodies present in the mother’s body to the newborn puppies. These maternal antibodies contribute to the innate immunity, thereby improving the overall immunity system of the Shepherd puppies.

However, sometimes maternal intolerance may occur due to various reasons and you may need to find a milk substitute for the newborn German Shepherd puppies like another nursing bitch, lactating mother, or even look out for artificial feeding.

Fact check:

  1. The lactating time for Shepherd puppies is 2 months.
  2. 80 percent to 90 percent of newborn Shepherd puppies die due to the lack of benefits from colostrum.
  3. It is astonishing that even after being blind, newborn German Shepherd puppies can locate the nipples of their mother!

How do you feed a newborn German Shepherd puppy?

Final Words

Apart from all the above guidelines, you need to take care of:

  • Newborn German Shepherd puppiesHygiene
  • Train them with the basic commands and techniques such as bite inhibition
  • Feed them with a worming product
  • Arrange a flea treatment session for them
  • Make sure that the newborn German Shepherd puppies have a quiet room for their personal space and resting
  • At the age of 4 weeks, feed them with solid food or puppy food. This is done to ensure that they get all the essential nutrients (that are not provided by the baby German Shepherd mother’s milk)
  • Keep a check on the newborn puppy’s body temperature and weight gain
  • Weaning process of the newborn German Shepherd puppies should begin between 3-4 weeks of age and continue till 7-8 weeks of age
  • Use a proper feeding syringe in case your baby German Shepherd has a broken jaw, or is suffering from a serious dental problem, or is too young (4 weeks) to consume solid food or puppy food on their own.

And at last: Train, care, and feed these family pets with love and these little creatures will be your companions for the entire life!


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How to take care of Newborn German Shepherd Puppies?

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