German shepherd Yorkie Mix: Can a German Shepherd Mate with a Yorkie?

German Shepherd Yorkie mix

When you visualize the size difference between the German shepherd and the Yorkie, is it possible for them to mate? How will this German shepherd Yorkie mix resemble? Is it even practicable?

Such a fascinating scenario. Right?

Often the characteristics of this breed mix aren’t that predictable.


This German shepherd Yorkie mix is a new breed mix of a dog with minimal research done on it.

That said, in this article, you will learn more about the German shepherd Yorkie mix size, temperaments, health status and many more. Consequently, by the end of this article, you will be in a better position to know whether this breed mix can be a perfect fit in your house.

Let’s get rolling…

Quick Overview: German shepherd vs Yorkie

German shepherd Yorkie
Origin Germany Yorkshire-England
Group Working Toy/companion
Size 22-26 inches 6-9 inches
Weight 50-90 pounds 4-7 pounds
Type of coat Double coat Long silky coat
Coat color Black and red

Black and tan

Grey, black and tan,
Temperament Gentle, loyal, devoted and intelligent Friendly, playful, brave and bossy,
Training Easy to train Easy, eager to please
Exercise requirement High Moderate
Level of shedding High Low. Hypoallergenic
Level of barking In-frequent High
health Prone to hip and elbow dysplasia Prone to Luxation of the patella
Life span 9-13 years 10-16 years

Can a German shepherd Mate with a Yorkie?

Is it possible for a German shepherd to mate with a Yorkie?

What are the consequences? Are there any health risks?

Let’s learn more…

First, a German shepherd shouldn’t mate with a Yorkie. The reason being its unnatural because of their size difference.

Furthermore, mating a female Yorkie and a male German shepherd can bring more health complications to the dam. The reason being the Female Yorkie has a small uterus that can find it hard to carry the litter of puppies for long.

The only advisable option is mating a Female German shepherd with a male Yorkshire terrier. However, through artificial insemination.

Breeders who opt to mate with a German shepherd and a Yorkshire terrier have to weigh whether the benefits outweigh the risk. A tough decision to make since the results can sometimes be unpredictable.

Sometimes crossbreeding can have advantages, whereas sometimes it can have some unforeseen repercussions.

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Can A German Shepherd Mate With A Yorkie?

German shepherd Yorkie Mix History

German shepherd

A dog that has its origin tracing back to Germany. The German shepherd was cultured by Captain Von Stephanitz as he wanted an all-around working dog.

The AKC officially recognized this dog (American Kennel Club) in 1908.

Because of its well-unmatched attributes, the German shepherd has found favor in the police and military departments.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier

A dog that is under the category of ‘toy dogs’. Consequently, it has its origins tracing back to England in a town called Yorkshire. This breed of dog came through after interbreeding various terriers. Additionally, it was a famous lap dog during the Victorian era.

Furthermore, weavers from Scotland used this dog to control vermin and mice in the textile mills.

The AKC first took the records of this breed in the 1885s.

Interesting fact; Smoky was a famous Yorkie during World War 2. She is recorded as the pioneer of therapy dogs.

Smoky, the Yorkie played a massive part in popularizing this breed all over Europe.

German shepherd Yorkie Mix

First, this is a new breed of dog, with researchers still researching more about this breed of dog.

This breed is for individuals who find comfort in mixed dogs rather than in pure dogs.

Are you one of those individuals?

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The appearance of the German shepherd Yorkie Mix

Predicting the appearance of the German shepherd Yorkie mix can be hard to tell.

However, we can use the features and the appearance of the parent breeds and try to forecast the resultant breed.

German Shepherd And Yorkie Mix

German shepherd

A medium-sized dog breed that is often longer than it is taller. It’s easily recognizable because of its wedge-shaped head and pointed ears.

Additionally, it has a medium-length double coat.

Its coat colors can vary, with the most predominant colors being black and silver, black and tan, and lastly, black and red.

Additionally, it has a free-flowing fur coat that can become matter if not well-groomed.

Often the GSD (German Shepherd Dog) weight can range from 50 to 90 pounds, while its height can range from 22 to 26 inches.

Quick fact; Joe Biden has two German shepherds, champ and major. Major will be the first shelter house dog to step in the white house.

Yorkie German Shepherd Mix


The Yorkie is one of the smallest breed of dog with a compact body. It can have a length ranging from 6 to 9 inches, and weight can range from 4 to 7 pounds.

One of the crowning features of the Yorkie is the free-flowing, straight, silky coat. Prevalent coat colorations include grey, black, and tan.

Another GSD crossbreed: German Shepherd Coyote mix.

German shepherd Yorkie Mix

One thing about this breed mix is that it can be hard to tell its actual size or appearance. Utmost, the appearance and size will depend on the stronger genes of the parent.

With the big size of the German shepherd and the miniature size of the Yorkie, expect to have breed mix either weighing between 5- 80 pounds. Additionally, it can have a length ranging from 8 to 25 inches.

What’s more, the coat colour can vary. However, the most predominant colour you can anticipate having includes black and silver, black and grey, or golden brown.


Temperaments of this breed of dog can be hard to predict. Additionally, temperaments will depend on the nature of the parents and how they have been nurtured.

To help you get a clue on how the temperaments of this mix will look like this, how both parents present.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

The German shepherd dog has balanced temperaments.

Consequently, it is a dog famous for its brave, loyalty and alertness nature. Hence the reason it’s popular in the police and the military units.

Also, this dog is protective of its owners. This dog can put its life in danger on behalf of its owner.

Additionally, it’s a dog that does well around children.

Above all, with proper training, this dog rarely attacks without a proper reason. Often attacks when it’s defending itself.

Another cool mix: German Shepherd Alaskan Malamute mix.


Referred to as a big dog in a small dog’s body. It’s a brave and fearless dog. You will even find Yorkies challenging bigger dogs.

The Yorkie is an alert, loyal and protective dog useful as a watchdog. Additionally, it’s a dog that thrives in lots of attention.

Furthermore, it’s a yappy dog with high vocals. If not, well trained it’s barking can go out of hand.

Additionally, it’s a dog that doesn’t do well around young children. Most importantly, it’s preferred for homes with children above the age of 13 years.

Yorkies are very territorial; they don’t thrive well around pets they haven’t been raised together.

Quick fact: The Yorkshire is often referred to as tomboy toy. Often attributed to its confidence and bravely.

German Shepherd With Yorkie

German shepherd Yorkie Mix Temperaments

A German shepherd Yorkie mix can take the temperaments of both parents.

Here are the temperaments you are likely to get from this mixed dog

  • Curious
  • Overprotective
  • Attention seeking
  • Alert
  • Smart
  • Trustworthy
  • Aggressive

Also, don’t expect this dog to live on its own for long. Leaving it for long hours can make this dog breed develop separation anxiety, which can later yield other unwanted dog behaviours.

In times that you are not around, get a pet sitter or if possible, get a second dog for keeping him company.

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Exercise Needs

The German shepherd and the Yorkie aren’t your typical lap dogs. Both of these dogs have high energy levels. And they are always looking up for something to keep them busy.

First, for German shepherds, they need 1-2 hours of physical and mental stimulation to keep them fit.

For the Yorkies, they require an hour of lightweight exercises daily to keep them freshened up. Since it’s not a big sized dog, the Yorkie doesn’t require a large space. However, it’s different from German shepherds; they require a large space to express themselves.

Worth to note, GSDs are not suitable for living in apartments because of their high physical needs.

German shepherd Yorkie Mix Exercise Needs

This breed mix requires lots of exercise because of the genetic makeup of its parents.

Consider secluding 1-2 hours of your day to keep this German shepherd Yorkie mix physically and mentally stimulated.

Gsd Yorkie Mix Grooming

Grooming and Care

Like every other dog, this mix will require regular grooming sessions.

What are the grooming needs of the German shepherd?

The German shepherd has minimal grooming needs. However, because of high shedding capabilities, it needs regular brushing.

Other GSD grooming needs include nail clipping, seasonal bathing, and brushing of teeth.

Grooming Needs of the Yorkie

Because of its long, ever-growing silky coat of fur, this breed of dog will require regular brushing to prevent the formation of mats.

Also, Yorkies don’t shed a lot. Often referred to as hypoallergenic.

Amazing fact; Richard Nixon, the 37th United States president, had a Yorkie as a pet.

Grooming Needs of the German shepherd Yorkie Mix

Be ready to keep this breed mix coat, fur clean and tidy with daily brushing. Also, keep those dentals sparkling clean by brushing them twice a week.

Bathing should only happen twice a year.

German Shepherd Yorkie Mix Training


Is it possible to train a German shepherd Yorkie mix?

Training of this Yorkie mix will depend on the genetic makeup of the parent breeds.

The good thing is that both parents are receptive to training. So expect smooth training sessions.

However, there is one issue that may become hectic, house training the puppy mix. Reason being miniature dogs like the Yorkie terrier can sometimes be hard to potty train. They can’t hold up their bladders for long.

Thus, they often tend to leave their accidents everywhere. Here is how you can potty train your puppy.

So, you never know, you may get a breed mix that has captured this trait from the Yorkie parent.

Other than that, train your German shepherd Yorkie mix socialization skills, and lastly some basic commands.

Why socializations?

Socialization is what brings up an upright and well-balanced dog. Expose this dog to various friendly environments.

A well-socialized dog that has been exposed to countless environments will understand how to react when faced with different scenarios.

Not only does teaching a dog commands add some values, but it’s also a form of exercise that will make the dog feel stimulated.

Remarkable Fact; Apollo the German shepherd was awarded the Dickins medal as he worked as a search and rescue dog during the September 11 attack.

Health Condition of the German shepherd Yorkie Mix

Most people have the perception that a breed mix is immune to diseases. However, that’s not true.

Here is an outline of various health complications associated with each parent’s breed of this breed mix. The outline will help you understand the various health complications a German shepherd Yorkie may face in its lifetime.

German shepherd

Yorkie Terrier

Patellar luxation– occurs when the patella, tibia and femur get dislodged out of place.

Hypoglycemia– often blood sugars become low.

Liver problem (portosystemic shunt) – the liver has no adequate blood circulation. Thus filtration is compromised.

Dental diseases– Prone to gum diseases. Also, Yorkies suffer from delayed growth of adult teeth.

Progressive retinal atrophy– an eye disorder that can cause blindness

Collapsed trachea– trachea often flattens; hence the dog gets trouble while breathing. Manifested by constant sneezing.

The German shepherd Yorkie mix is likely to carry one or several of the above conditions from its parents.

Other than that, an around vet health care and vet checkup is necessary for this breed mix.

Let your pet access the necessary shots. Also neuter or spay your Germans shepherd Yorkie mix. Both of these health processes have lots of benefits.

Lastly, remember to microchip this shepherd Yorkie mix.

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Lifespan Of Gsd Yorkie Mix

Life Span

The life span of the shepherd Yorkie mix is not definitive, as it will depend on how you give your dog attention and necessary care.

Germans shepherd have a life span of 9-13 years whereas Yorkie has a life span of between 10 -16 years.

Thus, on average, the German shepherd Yorkie mix can have a life span of between 10-13 years.


The diet of the shepherd Yorkie mix will depend on its size, age, and metabolism rate.

For example, Puppy German shepherd Yorkie mix will feed a less quantity of food compared to an adult.

So, ensure your shepherd Yorkie mix consumes a balanced diet, not human food. Human food, for example, causes stomach upsets like diarrhoea and constipation in Yorkies.

Also, human food doesn’t have a proper proportion of the nutrients required by a dog.

Additionally, consider food full of proteins and low-fat contents. Also, don’t give your shepherd Yorkie meals at once. Let it eat in two divided portions and sessions, let’s say morning and evening.

Take away point: get professional advice from your vet so that you can get a tailored feeding program for your dog.

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Is a German shepherd Yorkie a Good Family Dog?

Yes, this dog can be a good family companion. However, it will depend on how this breed mix is trained and socialized.

You will need to introduce it to children with due diligence. Sometimes this breed mix can be snappy when around children.

Overall, in the case you need high energy, protective, curious dog, the German shepherd Yorkie mix should be your to-go pet.

Where Can I Get a German shepherd Yorkie Mix?

There are various sources that you can get this breed mix. However, consider these sources.

Legitimate Breeder

A legitimate registered breeder will be in a better position to give you the dog’s history and its bloodline; the parents’ temperaments: and lastly, you will learn what to expect from this puppy.

Be wary of breeders who will hide information that you ask from him. A back yard breeder (BYB) will utmost not answer most questions that you ask.

Take away point; Avoid breeders who will sell you a teacup Yorkie. Often these teacups Yorkies have underlying health issues. Most back yard breeders breed them for people who love dogs with puppy-like features.

Avoid Puppy Mills

Most back yard millers hide in these puppy farms. Often puppies in these centers have genetic disorders and other health complications.

Adopt a Puppy

A responsible dog owner should first adopt before considering the buying option.

Adopting a puppy is cheaper than purchasing from a breeder.

Other sources to consider

  • American kennel club Yorkshire market place
  • American Kennel club Yorkshire market place
  • Pet finder
  • Yorkshire terrier national rescue
  • German shepherd rescue elite

Can A German Shepherd Get Along With A Yorkie?








Another strange mix: German shepherd Chihuahua mix.

FAQ: What if I don’t find a German shepherd Yorkie mix; which are the other better options?

Here are other breed mixes to consider if you don’t find the German shepherd Yorkie mix in the adoption centre.

Note: the dogs mixed are of the same size, i.e. the male and the female.

German shepherd

  • Shepwieler (German shepherd + Rottweiler)
  • Shepherd pit (German shepherd + Pitbull)
  • Labshep (Labrador+german shepherd)
  • Golden shepherd (Golden retriever + German shepherd)


  • Yorkiepoo (Poodle + yorkie)
  • Morkie (Maltese + Yorkie)
  • Pug shire (Yorkie + Pug)

Final Verdict (Can a German Shepherd Get Along with a Yorkie?)

The German shepherd Yorkie mix is a fantastic breed of dog that can be a perfect family pet. However, not much is known about this breed of dog.

Researchers are still digging up more about this breed of dog.

Additionally, I would not recommend a German shepherd to mate with a Yorkshire as the health risks outweigh the overall benefits.

However, if you are into breed mix, consider adopting or getting the above outlined alternative breed mixes.

Let us have your thought, would you consider having a German shepherd Yorkie mix in your house?

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